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07/18/2018 FUTURAMA ANNUAL #1

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(W) Boothby, Ian (A) Lloyd, James (C) Ho, James
StockID: 76689 Diamond#: MAY181463

Futurama is back! And with a double issue/double feature! First- the Planet Express crew heads to a desert planet world to take part in a decadent partying event called Burning Mom- where a giant wicker statue of Mom will be burned in effigy. But the event sponsor- Mom herself- has plans to use the proceedings to even the score and rid the world of the revolting revelers. Then- while helping Leela with some volunteer work at the Orphanarium- Fry tells the children the bedtime tale of Bendocchio- the little robot who wishes to be a real meatbag. And with a little help from the Bluetooth Fairy and the keeper of his conscience- Jiminy Circuits- he may very well get his wish!

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