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09/26/2018 TERRIFICS #8

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(W) Lemire, Jeff (A) Eaglesham, Dale (C) Eaglesham, Dale
StockID: 82215 Diamond#: JUL180698

The Terrifics find themselves stuck up a cosmic tree with the newly rediscovered Tom Strong-and the fire department ain't coming to rescue them! The team gets split up while trying to escape this devious trap set for them by a mysterious enemy known as Doc Dread- and they wind up in a bunch of weird dimensions trippier than a spin on the 'Yellow Submarine'! Is there a cure awaiting our afflicted adventurers at the end of this other-dimensional adventure? Or will Plastic Man- Metamorpho- Phantom Girl and Mr. Terrific be trapped in Tom Strong's stronghold peddling snake oil instead?

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