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11/14/2018 SUPERGIRL #24 VAR ED

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(W) Andreyko, Marc (A) Shaner, Evan (C) Conner, Amanda
StockID: 88779 Diamond#: SEP180515

Supergirl goes bar-hopping…in space! Hot on the trail of Rogol Zaar- Supergirl is on the hunt for the Krypton killer's mysterious cohorts known as the Circle. That quest finds the Maid of Might kicking over rocks at a scuzzy intergalactic dive bar- where she runs into Ambush Bug of all people-not to mention a wretched hive of scum and villains who want to kill her- too. But before Supergirl can track down Krypton's former location- her suit's yellow sun energy starts to run out- which is going to leave her gasping in the vacuum of space!

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