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(W) Dini, Paul (A) Baldari, Nicoletta (C) Buscema, Stephanie
StockID: 89027 Diamond#: SEP180763

We all know that Santa arrives on Christmas Eve bearing bright- shiny new toys for happy kids everywhere. But what happens to the humble homespun holiday gifts often passed over in the rush-the grandmother-made sock animals- or the paste and cardboard unicorns given from little sisters to older brothers? Quite often they wind up shoved aside- ignored or tossed in the trash with the wrapping paper-until the night after Christmas- when they are rescued and magically brought to life by the mysterious Queen of Toys. A strange being both kindly and vengeful- the Queen is amassing an army of abandoned toys- 'The Homemades-' for the sole purpose of vanquishing the Kringle family and seizing the holiday season for herself. Only Jingle Belle and an odd assortment of her friends stand a chance of foiling the Queen's plans. But first- Jingle must unravel the mystery behind the Queen's origins- and confront a heartbreaking secret from a Christmas long past. Santa Claus's rebellious teenage daughter Jingle Belle returns in a brand new story filled with humor- heart- and holiday magic. Creator Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series- Dark Knight- Zatanna) is back!

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