"Why is it that every plant that I introduce into my life meets an untimely end? Even the ones that are supposed to be 'fool-proof;' they certainly haven't met this fool! Air plants, spider plants, succulents, cactuses, it doesn't matter - I am incapable of caring for anything with even a paltry list of needs." 

If the above describes your relationship with our green, leafy friends: I've got news for you! The Mini Squishable Cactus requires no sun, water, or soil! It will thrive even on the most dimly lit desk, and it's healthy, verdant color will ask for nothing in return except a smile and maybe some hugs. It also has a 0% chance of prickling you during cuddles! Because we know you cuddle cactuses all the time. Or at least, you will now! 7 squishy inches of cuddly chlorophyll! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!

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